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 ~The Umi Clan~

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Angel Mizu

Angel Mizu

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PostSubject: ~The Umi Clan~   Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:04 am

Name:Umi clan

Kekkei Genkai: Kiri-ketsu ( You know someone is from the clan when they have aquamarine eyes that glow at night or when they are in a battle. it gives surge of extra chakra when near water and uses it for everyday life, like water benders.))

Secret Clan Jutsu:

Name: Dolphin Ying Yang
Element: Water
Rank: S

Description: The Dolphin Ying Yang is created where the user begins by putting their arms out together, then moving them up then make a circle creating the ying-yang sign in them. Then the user moves a 180 degree turn to moved the water around her . After a two dolphins appear one white one black and spin towards a target. It pushes the target back and causes confusion. Also if in enough anger it can cause paralyzes.

Name: Water Serpent

Element: Water

Rank: E

Description: The user is in the middle of the lake, or anywhere in water , so it can be created . The user creates columns and with a flick of her wrist a serpent appears bearing it's fangs . It is a brutal attack where is charges towards it's opponent. It wraps it around the opponent.

Name: Dolphin Water Strike
Rank: B
Element: Water
Description: This is an offensive move, where the user creates two dolphins from the water and uses it to dodge any oncoming attack striking the opponent with the dophins giving hard head butts. It causes paralyzes and shock.

Name: Nami Moon
Rank: D
Element: water/ice
Description: A water sphere will be created to protect the user and it can form the shape of a serpent hissing . It breaks through anything and pushes the people away..

Name: Seal Breaking Fortress
rank: S
Element: water
Descrition: a Seal is formed creating a water seal attacking anything and breaking through. It moved with a flick of a wrist. She is also her companion and summon.

Name: Strong Rain Storm

Rank: D

Element: Water/Ice

Description: The user first lift their arms making a circle like a moon shape. Then the user feels the air current and spins in the circle at high speed to make the wind stronger and jumps , throwing the water and using the speed and wind makes ice stakes throwing them at the enemy.

Name: Sun's Caress
Rank: S
Element: Water

Description: If the user is paralyzed or anything that prevent the user's body from moving ,then then the user forces her chakra through her whole body at high speed. Then using the sun's warmth it heats the water the user boils the water and melts letting her out.

Name: Moon's Caress
Rank: S
Elelment Water

Description: When the user is in darkness, and only their eye glows. The user goes to the center of the body of water. The user moves in a 360 degrees angle seven times at high speed lifting the water around her. Then finally the user lets the monsoon go.

History: The Umi clan began with the first generation. They were simple fishermen , living by the sea. Then generation after generation, the people were becoming more at one with the sea. It gave them food and protection from attack. Finally one child Umi , meditated for many years till he had finally began to manipulate water. Then after that the whole family continued with this trait, not just that they could use it in battle, but everyday life. It made the little clan survive and thrive in the little fishing village. They were a little clan small , but they took care of their people, rarely fought and were neutral through the war as well.

They were never one to get into war and kept to themselves . The clan was almost extinct the night she was born. After she was born she was the last to carry the pure blood. the definition of being in the Umi clan is the eyes. She had the aquamarine eyes that glow at night. She never saw if any branch members survived the attack since she was a new born and her mother had fled with her after birthing her..

Clan Symbol:

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Munenori Yagyu
Munenori Yagyu

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PostSubject: Re: ~The Umi Clan~   Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:50 am

Approved, nicely done.
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~The Umi Clan~
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