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 Lycans (Werewolves, Jinteki-Urufu) ((This is a personal Creation Ask me before you use this))

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PostSubject: Lycans (Werewolves, Jinteki-Urufu) ((This is a personal Creation Ask me before you use this))   Thu Jun 25, 2009 12:59 pm

Species Name: Lycans (Werewolves, Jinteki-Urufu)
Species Looks:

Lycans are born looking perfectly human besides either bright crimson or golden eyes depending on their heritage. Direct descendants of the wolf demons have golden eyes and nondirect descendants have crimson eyes. There are rare occasions where a nondirect descendant may have gold eyes.
At the age of 3 they begin to grow wolf ears and tails the same color as they're human hair. At this time they also begin to learn how to switch into a wolven form which, at their age, would be a pup. As they get older, they can reach heights that match a modern man's in their wolf form and be able to control when they switch to human or wolf form, this can also be triggered by very strong emotions. This growth stops, usually, at the age of 25, depending on the level of maturity.

Species personality:

The Lycans are normally a race that sticks together, believing in safety in numbers, but it's not unusual that many are loners and prefer to be stay away from the eye of humans and Lycans alike. This is mainly because of harassment and the many murders of their kind by the human hand. The distant nature is usually bred into them. They are loyal and few have ever swayed from their loyalties even if it cost them their life. As aggressive fighters as they are, they have a will that can push them beyond their limits and show mercy to their opponents more often than not.

Species History:

Werewolves started off when wolf demons and humans intermingled. Wolf demons, having the ability to wield a human form, had children with the humans. These children became Lycans, and even if a Lycan and a human had a child, there is a 50% chance the child will also be a full fledged Lycan or a human. This will go on for another generation if the child is a Lycan and then the gene will abruptly cut off. There are rare families where a Lycan and a wolf demon intermingled and the line has gone on for a few more generations. This is unlikely to happen, though, because Lycans are considered to be mutts to many of the wolf demons and humans alike.
The first 'packs' of Lycans appeared in the deeper forests of Konoha and the Hidden Mist, and spread slowly to other lands, avoiding places like Sunagakure with a hot climate and little forest. The Werewolves were often confused about where they belonged, and in the flow of time, the species mostly died out from the lonely travels and little contact. A few remain scattered, accepted by some villages for their human siblings or a parent and their mostly human appearance.

Species specialties:

Besides the abilities to switch into a wolven form, Lycans have heightened senses and a natural sense for danger and emotions and can detect chakra levels. In other words, they could smell the change in chemicals and tell how you feel. As well, they can move at breakneck speeds and heightened endurance.
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Lycans (Werewolves, Jinteki-Urufu) ((This is a personal Creation Ask me before you use this))
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