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 Kazuki Fumo(unfinished)

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PostSubject: Kazuki Fumo(unfinished)   Sat Jul 18, 2009 4:30 pm

General Information:

Name: Kazuki Fumo (Western format)

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Weight: 8 stone(That's 112 lb if you didn't know already Razz)

Height: 5" 10

Looks: He has two clear grey eyes which have an affectionate, but calculating look. He is above the average height for his age and his large build makes him seem much more dangerous than he really is. He has straight, jet black hair which reaches up to his chin. It doesn't fall around his face, so it doesn't require much maintenance. His olive-tanned skin is a light brown shade. His strong arms have surprisingly agile fingers, and his wrists are covered in a single strap of paper.
Usually, he wears green, loose trousers and a tight hugging short sleeve shirt made of a velvety material. His black shirt has the clan symbol on it. All his shirts have the clan symbol on the left shoulder, and his personal crest on his back. On cold days he wears an open black jacket with his crest on the back. underneath he wears a white shirt with the clan symbol.
his personal crest is (on a black background)

Personality: Kazuki is an affectionate, soft person, despite his large stature. He has a quick mind as agile as his hands, and emphasizes with most people. He laughs when he can, and is the more cheery out of the twins. (Me and Kyubi) He has close friendships, but he doesn't reveal many things about himself or his secrets. He keeps other people's secrets, and gossip tends to annoy him. His anger is rare, and he doesn't outwardly show negative emotions. He gets along well with children and animals, and is friendly with many people. Kazuki is quite laid back, and prefers not to take control of things, unless she really has to. He constantly practises speed-origami, and is one of the fastest in his clan at making paper objects without using chakra. He enjoys lolling about with kitao, and he generally is more outwardly open about his feelings and relaxed when around his sister, Kitao.
Likes: Sushi, Animals, Singing, origami, and trees.
Dislikes: Arrogance, Gossip, Loud noises and Fire.

Clan Information

Description: The Fumo clan are a discreet clan that are not very well known because their attacks tend to be so fast that opponents didn't even know what hit them. They have had a bloody history, full of loss of hope, filled with pain. But within the space of the century, they managed to return. Using their special skills with paper, the clan make money by selling beautiful pieces of artwork, or orgami toys for children. Some are ninja, and the Sumo ninja are a formidable group of people, even the genin.

Clan Symbol: (the image on the stone)

The Fumo clan have always lived in konoha, living a quiet, simple, and peaceful life. Their special talents are mainly used for selling origami art, and not many have been ninjas. They prefer to just stay as civilians and just use Washiton for defense. Long ago, they used to be a strong clan, one that had many ninja that served the nation well, but their speed and powerful jutsu made them coveted by many. Fumo clan memebers were kidnapped and experimented on, and eventually died. The survivors went into hiding, waiting for the world to forget them and living in konoha and hiding the nature of their inheritance. Still, people who had washiton were kidnapped. Children taken during night, mothers and fathers disappearing off streets. Eventually, all inheritors of the kekkai genkai were gone. The clan, which had been horribly decimated, decided to lie low for a long time. After generations, the massacre of the clan had been forgotten. Except by the Fumo. As expected, it was a wonderful surprise when they discovered that a child had inherited the kekkai genkai. Soon after, more and more parents gave birth to those with washiton. The Fumo soon repopulated konoha, and are again became a flourishing clan. Even though they agreed to keep the Fumo's history secret when the washiton returned to the clan, they are still a little discreet. Probably because they just became that way from their parents, generation after generation.

Kekkei Gekkei: Washiton
Rank: --
Type: Clan ability
Range: --
Element: --
Description: This is the KKG of the clan, using paper/origami tech. It allows them to manipulate paper and those who can use Washiton have the passive ability to be skilled with paper, and immunity to paper-cuts. Washiton jutsu generally do not require handseals, as they are folding paper during the jutsu.
There is a certain division of Washiton users who can animate origami objects, such as kazuki's twin sister

Family Members:

Twin sister-Kitao Fumo(Kyubi)
Aunt-Sasaki Fumo
Other clan members are less directly related to Kazuki and Kitao

Rank Information:
Rank: (What rank is your character? Genin, Jounin, Missing Nin, etc)


Skill Information:

Skill Specialty: Fuuinjutsu, Weaponary

Elemental Affinity: Earth

Special Characteristics: Keekai genkai is under clan info. Apart from the high up clan Elders, his speed is the fastest in his clan, especially when it comes to folding paper. He has deadly accuracy with throwing weapons to match his speed.

Name: Elemental seal: Dofuuin (Earth seal)
Rank: D
Type: Fuuinjutsu
Range: Item being held.
Element: Doton
Description: The user places a seal on an item which gives it some qualities of Earth. These are: resistance to fire and water, hardness and increased rigidity(It wont bend as easily)

Clan techniques:
(when I say kenjutsu I realy mean weaponry)
Name: Washi mane (paper copy)
Rank: D
Type: Clan jutsu
Range: No specific range.
Element: Washiton
Description: It allows the user to create 2 copies of a paper weapon they just formed(one for each hand). It is not strictly a clone tech, because the paper 'clones' are just more paper shapes made much more quickly by using the last movements of their hands.

Name: Washiatsu (papercut)
Rank: D
Type: Kenjutsu-clan jutsu
Range: Paper being held
Element: Washiton
Description: Although the paper the clan uses to fold is already razor-sharp, this jutsu can be used to increase sharpness. It is useful when making paper swords.

Name: Paper confetti
Rank: D/C
Type: Fuuinjutsu
Range: Leaves a trail behind weapon
Element: Washiton
Description: This activates the paper bands around his wrists. They have a seal on them which, when activated, makes thrown weapons leave behind a stream of colourful confetti which floats around for a while. If he wants to, it can leave a trail of confetti exploding tags. These only explode when they come into touch with fire/lightning or another explosion. Releasing exploding tag confetti is a C rank

Name: Washi no tsubasa(Wings of paper)
Rank: C
Type: Clan jutsu
Range: 10 metres high
Element: Washiton
Description: After placing the Earth fuuin on the on two wings of paper, Kazuki can use the wings to lauch inot the air, and saty airbourne for up to 20 minutes.

Name: Washi bushin(paper clone)
Rank: C
Type: Clan jutsu
Range: Same as normal clone techs.
Element: Washiton
Description: Makes a clone made entirely out of paper. The use folds paper into a small doll shape, and uses this jutsu to tun it into a clone. The clone is like any ordinary clone, but is more realistic than the normal tech, and can throw paper weapons. It can only be destroyed by fire/lightning, being ripped to shreds, or if it's soaked so much it turns into a paper-maché like thing and collapses.

Name: Fake shuriken- exploding tags
Rank: C
Type: Kenjutsu
Range: As far as you can throw a shuriken.
Element: Washiton
Description: This jutsu made specially by kazuki. he forms a single handseal after taking out a small scroll. He lays the scroll down upright on the floor, and jumps into the air, throwing previously prepared weapons at the opponent. The scroll then explodes into a large puff of confetti exploding tags whihc float around for a while, and 10 paper shuriken folded from exploding tags fly out of the puff of confetti. These are impossible to recognize as exploding tags while they fly towards the opponent, and they can cut the opponent. When they hit the opponent, or are dodged they settle down as discarded weapons, and do nothing. These can be made to explode later. If set on fire/hit with lightning, they explode immediately. This is not used too much, as it is sort of like a trump card. The confetti exploding tags also explode, but only when set on fire/lightning or when an exploding tag activates near it.

Name: Origami no Soushouoni (Twin rising demon of Origami)
Rank: C rank
Type: Kenjutsu
Range: 0-10 metres
Element: Washiton
Description: A Ninjutsu technique based on the Leaf ninja Tenten's jutsu. It can be used to follow up the previous jutsu. Kazkui made his own washiton version after seeing Tenten's. He uses this summoning technique to take advantage of his deadly accurate ability to throw paper weapons. To begin, he will will remove two scrolls and set them on the ground, after forming the necessary hand seals, the two scroll rise into the air and begin to swirl around a middle vortex, spraying colourful paper confetti, which floats around for a while. He then launches himself into the air between the spinning scrolls. From these scrolls he summons a barrage of weapons which he throws at his opponent. If the first barrage fails, he uses a swirling blast of wind to make them rise back into the air and strike his opponent. Unfortunately this attack is very vulnerable to wind based attacks. This is his trump card, so he doesn't use to often.

Standard ninja equipment and paper for folding.

Also, he has:
Name: Three weapon scrolls
Appearance: There is a single, small scroll which is used for his fake surikens jutsu, It is about 15 cm long and 4cm wide, it is covered in red seal symbols on the outside, and does not open normally. The seals on the outside are broken with various jutsu, and it releases it's contents in an explosion as soon as it is opened.
There are also two matching scrolls, which are both black and have the kanji Oni(demon) written on the outside in white. These are for his trump card jutsu(see above) like the other scroll, they do not open normally. They can only be opened with various jutsu and when opened, they release exploding tag confetti(see above jutsus)
Rank: All three are C-rank weapons, because of the jutsu they are used for
Special Abilities: None of them open normally
Origin: These rare scrolls are clan scrolls, and it is common knowledge within the clan how to make them and where to get them. The clan usually sells them to other members of the clan(NO OUTSIDERS!!!)

Background Information/RP Sample:

History: (Put your character's history here. Please put them in Arcs like academy arc, genin arc, etc. This is not optional, you need your history in arcs, each a paragraph long at minimum.)

Rp Sample: (Give us a sample of how your rp)
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Kazuki Fumo(unfinished)
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